Workshop in Assisi with Jorge Luis Delgado, Raul Micieli and Hope Fitzgerald – From 22 to 25 September 2023

Dear friends,
we are excited to invite you to the next Workshop that will take place in Assisi from 22 to 25 September.

This year we are honored and happy to have with us 2 very special guests: Jorge Luis Delgado Mamani, who many of you already know, and Hope Fitzgerald, for the first time with us in Italy, that together with Raul Micieli will accompany us with their mastery in an energetic path full of new practices and teachings for evolution and inner growth. A magical triangle between Peru, United States and Italy, to create a powerful matrix of Light nourished by the teachings and practices that each of the speakers will bring with the intent of raising individual and planetary frequencies.

We will discover the link between Saint Francis of Assisi and the Incas, seeing surprising analogies with new interpretations; we will study the link between tachyon energy and the Power of Infinity. We will work with the energies of the elements in the footsteps and places of power that Saint Francis has imbued with his pure energy; we will discover our capacity for Empowerment and our Self-determination to move in the world with a new awareness of ourselves and our real purpose in this incarnation.

In addition to all these teachings, we will perform rebalancing treatments with tachyonic objects, we will carry out meditations to activate our Inner Sun, the Primordial Light, healing hands, the Circle of Infinite Energy.

We are waiting for you to share this wonderful workshop in a joyful atmosphere of sharing, confrontation, expansion of consciousness and knowledge.

Workshop: Sept. 22 – 25

Sept. 22: Bus to Assisi.
Friday Sept 22
4 – 6 pm – 
Arrive Cittadella di Assisi: Franciscan hostel (3 nights).
7:30 pm –  Welcome and presentation of the weekend activities.
8:30 pm –  Dinner.
9:00 pm –  Meditation in Circle of Power with the Presence of the Master.
  La Chiesa di San Damiano ad Assisi: va' e ripara la mia chiesa in rovina  Assisi - Chiesa e Convento di San Damiano
Saturday 23
8:00 am –   Morning meditation: Connection to the Inner Sun.
8:30 am –   Breakfast.
10:00 am – San Francisco: an Inca born in Italy (Jorge and Raul).
11:00 am –  Tachyon Energy: the frequency of the future (Jorge and Raul).
12:00 pm – The Power of the Infinity Wave (Hope).
1:30 pm –    Lunch.
3:00 pm –   Visit to the city of Assisi and meditation in places of power.
8:30 pm –   Dinner.
9:30 pm –   Meditation in the Circle of Power, Activation of the Primordial Light.
ASSISI, la Basilica di San Francesco e altri siti francescani - ViVi GREEN
Assisi, la piccola meraviglia dell'Umbria
Sunday 24
8:00 am –  
Morning meditation: Initiation with the Central Sun.
8:30 am –  Breakfast.
9:00 am –  Visit Mount Subasio, mountain of power where Francis charged himself with the light of the elements. Practice: Surrender to the Light and activate healing hands.
1:30 pm –   Lunch.
3:00 pm – “Sami chacuy,” working the energy of the good and managing the energy of the elements; the capacity for Empowerment (Jorge).
4:00 pm – The Infinity Wave Continued (Hope).
5:00 pm – Tachyonic therapies with healing tools (Jorge and Raul).
8:00 pm – Dinner. Circle to process and assimilate the experiences.
Parco del Monte Subasio: Itinerari Paesaggi, panorami, mortai: Subasio - Assisi Mia
Monday 25
8:30 am –  
Morning meditation: Circle of Infinite Energy.
9:30 am –  Breakfast.
10:30 am –Presentation of Diplomas of Participation.
12:00pm – Bus to Rome Airport (arrive 3-4pm for flights @ 7:30pm and later).
Workshop-Only Cost
Double or Triple Occupancy: €588
Single Occupancy:
add €108Price Includes:
* Accommodations
* Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
* Guided tours
* Workshop with Diploma of Participation.
More about the Guides:
Jorge Luis Delgado, an Inca by birth and heritage, walks the path of the chacaruna, or ‘bridge between worlds’. His passion to bring authentic Inca heritage, spiritual traditions and handcrafts to worldwide attention has sent him traveling to numerous countries to share his beautiful traditions. Jorge considers the oral tradition, taught in the different Inca communities, as his ever-expanding higher education.

Jorge has written three books: Andean Awakening, Inca Wisdom: Return to Joy, and Machu Picchu: The City of the Children of the Sun

Raul Micieli is originally from Argentina but has lived in Italy for decades. He had his formal education in spiritual studies at the Institute of Parapsychological Science at The School of Gnostic Science and thereafter participated in spiritual journeys in Peru, Austria, Spain, India, Nepal, France, Greece, Mexico, United States and Chile. Raul led groups and gave conferences in South America, Europe and Africa, and was Group Director of “The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom” in Sedona, AZ with Rebecca Laycock.

He has been a pioneer in bringing metaphysical teachings to Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Burundi and Benin, Africa. Raul founded Editrice Italica to translate and spread the first books on metaphysics in Italian, French, German, Portuguese and Russian, including the books of the Ascended Masters, who were introduced through “The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom.”

He is the author of several books: The Law of Attraction, Karma and How to Transmute It, Limited Provision, Talents, The Inner Child and Metaphysical Protection, all published in Italian and Spanish.

He is the founder and president of the Saint Germain Metaphysics Association, founded in 2011.

After a lifetime of spiritual study, in 2010 Hope Fitzgerald received a series of wave visions representing an evolutionary push for the planet. The final one, a standing figure “8” made of flowing blue water, was called “The Infinity Wave” and represented a 10th-dimensional energetic tool gifted by a loving Universe to more quickly and easily transform suffering into joy and freedom during tumultuous transitional times. Ever since, Hope has been dedicated to applying the Infinity Wave for the spiritual evolution of the individual, the community and the Earth.  She’s led many workshops around the globe and appeared on dozens of internet and radio shows, continuing to fulfill her mission to encourage individual and planetary awakening. She has just published her first book, The Infinity Wave: Mastering the Art of Love, Compassion and Flow.

For over 20 years, Hope has used Intuitive Dowsing to help people quickly transform their lives. Her unique style of inquiry and ability to “hear” the guidance, gently assists people to make changes after seeing themselves more clearly.

Hope receives transmissions from a variety of Ascended Masters in her free Monday Meditations, and offers her services as an energy healer, a certified Neurofeedback Practitioner and a Death Doula, incorporating sound, Reiki and essential oils into her work. In addition, she guides intimate groups to potent areas around the world, including Peru, Easter Island, South Africa, France, England, Ireland, Wales and the U.S. Southwest. During these spiritual adventures, she teaches ways to communicate with the landscapes, believing that when the powerhouse of the human heart interacts with a highly charged site, an alchemy occurs that is guaranteed to cause a shift in consciousness.

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