Travel to Italy – Pathways of Enlightenment: The Archangel Michael Ley

Thousands of years ago, our forebearers had greater sensitivity to the natural world and could perceive the special places that carried an extra pulse of Life, where they could restore themselves through connection with Mother Earth.

Imagine walking in their footsteps to those very same potent locations, all while surrounded by the intoxicating enchantment of Italy…

Our journey aims to provide increased clarity and heightened faith through deep resonance with the Earth and the Cosmos while under the loving guidance of Archangel Michael. Our service will be to take whatever we learn and broadcast it energetically to the World.

Transmission from Archangel Michael:

“Welcome, travelers, to a journey of the heart. You will be walking the lines of an energy source that has existed since time began. It carries certain characteristics that are heightened in those places that have been identified by churches and other structures. These characteristics include a palpating rhythm of love and protection from that which is not love. Bathe in these frequencies as they will travel home with you and last for a long time.I am a protector of the human spirit and for those who seek me, I will be found. Allow plenty of time for quiet contemplation and I will do my best to make my presence known. Please do not think of me as a slayer of literal dragons, but as a fierce warrior for love. I am not to be worshipped but invited into your life experience as a partner and guide.  However you choose to work with me, know that we are comrades and colleagues – I am not higher or better than you, but I humbly serve what is in your highest good if you will allow me to. Blessings on you and your journey of knowing.”

Archangel Michael is associated with the infinity symbol. Throughout this journey, we will use the Infinity Wave to connect directly with Archangel Michael’s presence.

Pathways of Enlightenment:
The Archangel Michael Ley

A ley line is recognized when at least 4 natural elements or structures are positioned in a straight line over distance. Measurable via dowsing, these leys are thought to be part of an energetic grid system that runs throughout the earth and were likely used for navigation and ceremony by early humans. (Although these currents are often referred to as “masculine” and “feminine,” it is not due to literal gender but rather the different qualities of energy, much like electricity’s positive and negative charges.)

The Archangel Michael Ley Line (aka the “Sword of Michael” or the “Apollo Line”) is named due to the many churches dedicated to him built between the 6th and 13th centuries, extending from Skellig Michael in western Ireland, across Europe and finally ending in Mt Carmel, Israel, as seen in the map above. However, these sacred places existed long before Christians constructed their houses of worship upon them. The genius of the church builders is that they knew how to use sacred geometry to capture, direct and potentize the telluric energies emanating from the earth into their architecture.

Why visit such places?

Bathing in the energies of historically powerful land and structures with a dedicated group of likeminded people is sure to expand the soul and provide an elevation of perspective. We will also honor and witness firsthand the effects that these magnificent sites have had on their surrounding areas over millennia. The earth still has much to teach and offer as we learn to love ourselves – and others – even more. Archangel Michael is associated with the infinity symbol. Throughout this journey, we will use the Infinity Wave to connect more powerfully with Archangel Michael’s presence.

Your Guides
Raul MicieliJorge Luis Delgado and Hope Fitzgerald will combine their spiritual knowledge to offer each traveler a unique opportunity to learn from and commune with the natural world in Italy’s energetically-heightened, exquisite settings, known from antiquity to cause a rise in vibration. (See below for bios.)


Sept 15: Arrive Rome (Meditation to clean the akashic records of Ancient Rome.)
Overnight: Hotel President 4-star hotel
Sept 16: Bus to Gargano Puglia, a powerful energetic spot for Archangel Michael on the Mediterranean Sea. (Connection exercises with the spiritual guardians.)
Overnight: Hotel il Porto(2 nights) 4-star hotel
Sept 17: Visit Monte Sant’Angelo, the manifestation grotto of the Archangel Michael. This immense limestone cave was a place of worship in Greek and Roman times, likely dedicated to Apollo, then Mithras, and finally Archangel Michael. It was believed that the water that dripped from the ceiling was miraculous.

(Meditations on the world’s rebirth towards the first Light, and the connection with the silent Guardian Apukunas of the region. Also, group work with energy lines and power fields of the world.)

Sept 18: Bus to Monte Castle, one of the most enchanted and mysterious places in Italy. Built from quartz and limestone, it is full of esoteric symbols and its geometry is based on the golden section and the number eight. The numerical symbolism and its positioning are capable of producing symmetrical beams of light during the solstice and the equinox. As a place of power, it supports the journey towards Mount Conero, where an energy base of the star brothers is located. (Practices to raise the vibratory frequency and expansion of consciousness.)

Bus to Mount Conero: Part of the Appenines mountain range, ancient inscriptions have been found and numerous legends exist. It has played an important role as a NATO military base. Inside, a series of tunnels and underground hangars were excavated in which nuclear warheads were kept. Perhaps for this reason it has been the center of numerous UFO sightings. (Practices of contact with star beings.)

Overnight: Hotel Monte Conero 4-star hotel

Sept. 19: Bus to northern Italy, stopping at Lake Avigliana, which is energetically connected to Lake Titikaka. (Practice of transmutation of the past life karma.)

Overnight: Certosa 1515 (3 nights) Monastery

Sept. 20 h 10.00 am: Visit Sacra di San Michele, another place of great energetic force in the Italian Alps near the border with France and a fundamental point of balancing the energies of Europe. It is a powerful chakra of the Michael Line uniting 7 abbeys dedicated to Michael from Ireland to Palestine via Mont-Sant-Michel (France) – Sacra di San Michele (Piedmont) – Monte Sant’Angelo (Apulia). We will observe the esoteric symbols contained within. (Meditation with the Angelic Beings and the local Celtic energies.)

Sept. 21: Visit to Mount Musine, which carries a rich history of otherworldly activity in its environs. Its strong energy resides both underground and as an antenna to capture the positive energies coming from the Cosmos. In fact, colored luminescence balls and bright balloons have been seen going back through the ages. It is a focal point in the European spiritual axis and a place of legends of wizards and dragons since ancient times. (Connection with the Beings of this Sacred Mountain and with the Star Beings.)
We’ll also explore the esoteric places of Turin, recognized as one of the three cities which are part of Europe’s magic triangle: Lyon, Turin and Prague. (Connection with the places of power in Turin.)

Workshop: Sept. 22 – 25

Sept. 22: Bus to Assisi.
Friday Sept 22
4 – 6 pm – 
Arrive Cittadella di Assisi: Franciscan hostel (3 nights)
7:30 pm –  Welcome and presentation of the weekend activities
8:30 pm –  Dinner
9:00 pm –  Meditation in Circle of Power with the Presence of the Master.
Saturday 23
8:00 am –   Morning meditation: Connection to the Inner Sun.
8:30 am –   Breakfast
10:00 am – San Francisco: an Inca born in Italy (Jorge and Raul)
11:00 am –  Tachyon Energy: the frequency of the future. (Jorge and Raul)
12:00 pm – The Power of the Infinity Wave (Hope)
1:30 pm –    Lunch
3:00 pm –   Visit to the city of Assisi and meditation in places of power
8:30 pm –   Dinner
9:30 pm –   Meditation in the Circle of Power, Activation of the Primordial Light
Sunday 24
8:00 am –  
Morning meditation: Initiation with the Central Sun.
8:30 am –  Breakfast
9:00 am –  Visit Mount Subasio, mountain of power where Francis charged himself with the light of the elements. Practice: Surrender to the Light and activate healing hands.
1:30 pm –   Lunch
3:00 pm – “Sami chacuy,” working the energy of the good and managing the energy of the elements; the capacity for Empowerment. (Jorge)
4:00 pm – The Infinity Wave Continued (Hope)
5:00 pm – Tachyonic therapies with healing tools. (Jorge and Raul)
8:00 pm – Dinner. Circle to process and assimilate the experiences
Monday 25
8:30 am –  
Morning meditation: Circle of Infinite Energy
9:30 am –  Breakfast
10:30 am –Presentation of Diplomas of Participation
12:00pm – Bus to Rome Airport (arrive 3-4pm for flights @ 7:30pm and later)
Workshop-Only Cost
Double or Triple Occupancy: $588
Single Occupancy:
add $108
Price Includes:
* Accommodations
* Meals (Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner)
* Guided tours
* Workshop with Diploma of Participation
Cost of Entire Journey (incl. workshop):
11 days/10 nights
Double Occupancy:  u$4,500.00
Single Occupancy: 
add u$560.00
Payment Schedule
Non-refundable deposit: $800 by May 1, 2023
First payment: $1550 due June 1, 2023
Final payment: $1550 due August 1, 2023
(Refund policy: 40% refund if cancelled by 6/15, 30% refund if cancelled by 7/15, after 8/15, no refund)
Price Includes:
* Accommodations: 4-star hotels in Rome, Apulia and Monte Conero; a monastery in Turin and a Franciscan hostel in Assisi
* Daily breakfast plus one extra meal, either Lunch or Dinner
* Private land transportation
* Entrance fees to mentioned sites
* Special guides
* One airport transfer IN between 16:00/18:00 (4pm-6pm) and one transfer OUT for the whole group
Price Does not Include:
* Meals which are not mentioned
* Extra airport transfer In or Out.
   Note: If you arrive in a different time and need a private transfer IN, cost will be $35.00 for a single person, $55.00 for two
* Travel Insurance (highly recommended)
* Personal items and extras
* Tips for guides, drivers, waiters, bell boys, cleaning staff, etc.
More about the Guides

Raul Micieli is originally from Argentina but has lived in Italy for decades. He had his formal education in spiritual studies at the Institute of Parapsychological Science at The School of Gnostic Science and thereafter participated in spiritual journeys in Peru, Austria, Spain, India, Nepal, France, Greece, Mexico, United States and Chile. Raul led groups and gave conferences in South America, Europe and Africa, and was Group Director of “The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom” in Sedona, AZ with Rebecca Laycock.

He has been a pioneer in bringing metaphysical teachings to Italy, Switzerland, France, Belgium, Sweden, Germany, Russia, Slovakia, Burundi and Benin, Africa. Raul founded Editrice Italica to translate and spread the first books on metaphysics in Italian, French, German, Portuguese and Russian, including the books of the Ascended Masters, who were introduced through “The Bridge to Spiritual Freedom.”

He is the author of several books: The Law of Attraction, Karma and How to Transmute It, Limited Provision, Talents, The Inner Child and Metaphysical Protection, all published in Italian and Spanish.

He is the founder and president of the Saint Germain Metaphysics Association, founded in 2011.

Jorge Luis Delgado, an Inca by birth and heritage, walks the path of the chacaruna, or ‘bridge between worlds’. His passion to bring authentic Inca heritage, spiritual traditions and handcrafts to worldwide attention has sent him traveling to numerous countries to share his beautiful traditions. Jorge considers the oral tradition, taught in the different Inca communities, as his ever-expanding higher education.

Jorge has written three books: Andean Awakening, Inca Wisdom: Return to Joy, and Machu Picchu: The City of the Children of the Sun


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